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Art Practices in the Time of War: Ukrainian Artists and Authors Residency

18th August 2022

17:00 – 19:00 BST

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Art Practices in the Times of War: Ukrainian Artists And Authors Residency

NGO Cultural Traffic (Ukraine) and The Centre for Art and Politics at the University of St Andrews invite you to join a roundtable discussion with Ukrainian artists and creative authors who have chosen to stay in Ukraine and continue their creative practices in the country during the war.

In June of 2022, NGO Cultural Traffic organised a series of pop-up residencies for artists and other creatives in the Carpathian Mountains, a relatively safe area in western Ukraine. Organized by Olena Kasperovych, an art curator from Kharkiv, the residencies did not require artists to create any “finished products” (artworks, exhibitions, texts), but instead offered them a space to recuperate artistically, physically and mentally.

At this talk, we have invited the participants of the pop-up residencies in Vyzhnytsa and Creative Rural Hub to reflect on their art and working process in the times of war. They will discuss how they are processing displacement, grief and a sense of loss through art and text. At the roundtable, we will also open a wider discussion on Ukrainian contemporary art and literature, allowing the audience to ask questions about particular works, creative processes and practices, the challenges and opportunities that arise in our understanding of Ukrainian art life and, finally, what this war means for a wider world of art and culture.


The Centre for Art and Politics stands with our colleagues from the Centre for Russian, Soviet, Central, and Eastern European Studies (CRSCEES) to express our horror and outrage over the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military. We unequivocally condemn this war unleashed by the Russian government on Ukrainian territory with the support of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s government in Belarus.  We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and all those in Ukraine whose lives are in danger. Ukrainians deserve peace and justice, and we admire their spirit. While Ukraine draws attention of the media around the world, we also stand in solidarity with all people fighting for their lives against occupation, war, and oppression. Moreover, we stand in solidarity with Russians and Belarusians who risk their safety to stop their brutal regimes, as well as migrants from Central Asia who are affected by the sanctions against the Russian government. Many in our academic community have close ties to the region. This war not only directly threatens the lives of people in Ukraine; it tears apart the cultural fabric of the region directly, destroying archives, artwork, and heritage. We commit to doing all we can to support our Ukrainian colleagues and to preserve intercultural dialogue.

If you are interested in supporting the besieged people of Ukraine, please click the link below for more information

How to Help Ukraine

Russian Forces Strik Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Site

On 1 March 2022 Russian forces struck the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre in a missile attack.  The BYHMC, built on Europe’s largest mass grave of the Holocaust, recently unveiled “The Crystal Wall of Crying” by Marina Abramović on 8 October 2021, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the mass atrocity when Nazi forces murdered the entirety of Kyiv’s Jewish population, some 33,000 people, between 29 and 30 September 1941.  The unveiling ceremony of the “Crystal Wall of Crying”, which was one of the largest art objects built in Europe in the last decade, was attended by the Presidents of Ukraine, Germany, and Israel.  Testimony given at the Nuremburg Trials following the Second World war documented how further Jews, Roma, Ukrainians, and Prisoners of War were brought to Babyn Yar to be executed, suggesting that more than 100,000 people were murdered there.  More recent studies suggest that that number could be as high as 200,000.

A Statement from the BYHMC Advisory Board Chair Natan Sharanksy

A BYHMC Press Release for the unveiling of “The Crystal Wall of Crying”

A Link to The Crystal Wall of Crying

“The Crystal Wall of Crying” by Marina Abramović
“The Crystal Wall of Crying” Credit Marina Abramović

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