Murals by Shamsia Hassani

The Artist

Shamsia Hassani

​Born April 1988, is the first female graffiti artist of Afghanistan. Through her artworks, Shamsia portrays Afghan women in a male dominant society.

Her art gives Afghan women a different face, a face with power, ambitions, and willingness to achieve goals. The woman character used in her artworks portrays a human being who is proud, loud, and can bring positive changes to people’s lives. During the last decade of post-war era in Afghanistan, Shamsia’s works have brought in a huge wave of color and appreciation to all the women in the country.

Kabul, Afghanistan Copyright © 2021 Shamsia Hassani, All Rights Reserved

Listening to Objects: Hermeneutic Encounters with the Other

Dr Jeffrey Murer

June 2020

A close up of Shalekhet (Fallen Leaves), Menashe Kadishman (Israel, 1932-2015). Image J Murer.

J.S.Murer Four Monuments and a Funeral – Full Pdf

Dr Jeffrey Murer


In Fomenting Political Violence; Fantasy, Language, Media, Action (2018) Palgrave MacMillan, Steffen Krüger, Karl Figlio, Barry Richards (eds) pages 189-218.


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