Dr Tilman Schwarze

I am a part-time Research Associate in the School of Social & Political Sciences within the College of Social Sciences of the University of Glasgow and a Fellow at the University of St Andrews. I hold a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. My research focuses on the role of violence, racism, and urban redevelopment in the production of urban space within marginalised urban communities. In particular, I am interested in studying how territorial stigmatisation contributes to the reproduction of inequality, marginality, and racial segregation, and how stigma serves broader political and economic agendas of urban redevelopment and racial capitalism.

Another area of my research concerns the role of intra-group violence in the reproduction of collective identity. Here, I have researched the performative and communicative function of violence within gangs. I am interested in Critical Gang Studies and Critical Race Studies, with a particular emphasis on the role of neoliberal capitalism for gang dynamics in urban contexts and how the criminalisation of Black culture, such as drill music, forms part of state strategies to marginalise, stigmatise and punish ethnic minority groups.

My research has been published in Urban Geography, the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, and forthcoming in the Routledge International Handbook of Critical Gang Studies.

Links to my publications:

Schwarze, T. 2021. ‘Discursive practices of territorial stigmatization: how newspapers frame violence and crime in a Chicago community.’ Urban Geography.

Murer, J. and Schwarze, T. 2020. ‘Social Rituals of Pain: The Socio-Symbolic Meaning of Violence in Gang Initiations.’ International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society

Schwarze, T. forthcoming. ‘Gangs, space and the state: bringing Henri Lefebvre’s spatial theory to critical gang studies.’ In: Routledge International Handbook of Critical Gang Studies, edited by Brotherton, D. and Gude, R.J. (London and New York: Routledge).